If you woke up dreaming about teaching your little students phrases such as: “It’s here”, “it isn’t here”, questions: “Where’s the…”, “Who took…” and some extra nouns (just kidding!) we’ve got something for you (no kidding this time!). Inspired by one of the Super Simple Songs: “Who Took the Cookie”.

Below, you’ll find a set o cards containing some with the phrase “It isn’t here!” and some other ones with “It’s here!”.

Let’s start with drilling questions, such as “Where’s the (apple / lemon –  depending on what we’re going to be looking for) and/or “Who took the (apple / lemon, etc).

  1. Warm-up:
    Sit in a circle. Show your students the “It isn’t here!” cards and put them in the middle of the circle. Present the “It’s here!” card (say, with the lemon) as the last one and add it to the pile. Put all cards face-down. Ask individual students “Where’s the lemon?”. A student then uncovers one card – if the lemon is not on it they say “it isn’t here!” and it’s next student’s turn to try their luck (and practise English skills).
  2. Game:
    Ask students to close their eyes and put one card under each student’s mat/book/pencil case (depending on what you work with). Make sure to give the lemom card to one of the kids. And make even more sure to explain that students cannot look at their cards (or maybe even touch them?) before it’s their turn. Next, the whole group asks one of the students “Where’s the lemon? Who took the lemon?”. Now’s the chance for the chosen kid to get to know what’s on their card. If the card reads “It isn’t here!” you can carry on asking “Where’s the lemon? Who took the lemon?” and the kid that didn’t find the lemon in the last turn can now pick the next person to check their card. The game continues until the “It’s here!” card is found. If your students like the game, carry on for a few more rounds looking for other fruit & vegetables.

Happy printing!


where's the apple game
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