where's the christmas tree game

Do you remember our super-simple game helping teach phrases „It’s here”, „It isn’t here” as well as questions „Where’s the…”„Who took…” and nouns? Merry Christmas – here’s its festive version!

The rules are the same as in the basic version of the game – Where’s the apple? Who took the lemon? However this time we’re looking for a Christmas tree, an angel, an elf and a reindeer.

This game has been tested on students 🙂 My first-graders and preschoolers were the chosen ones to try the game out. Both groups enjoyed playing the game and asked for more – is there any better feedback then that?! :)) Interestingly, Grumpy Cat saying “It isn’t here!” turned out to be amusing enough to make sure no tears were shed due to losing a round.


it isn't here gra christmas
Karty do pobrania. KLIK!

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