Seems like spring is here to stay! ūüôā Feel free to celebrate those warm and sunny days by downloading our¬†memory game (available in two versions). One – super simple – word+picture¬†(click) and another – aimed at¬†practising numbers¬†(click).

We’d also like to recommend two¬†Orchard Toys games.

  1. The Game of Ladybirds

Age: 3-7 years old

Players: 2-4

Rules: The¬†aim of the game is to collect the most ladybirds. Players put all cards on the table –¬†spotty side up (ladybirds down). The first player rolls the dice and looks for a card with the same number of spots as the dice indicates. He/she then checks how many ladybirds are on the other side of the card, and the game continues with the second player.¬†And the third, etc. If there are no more cards with the number of spots that a player rolled,¬†it’s the end of this player’s turn and time for the next one to roll.¬†The game ends when there are no more cards on the table.¬†Then the players can count their ladybirds and the lucky player who managed to collect most of them is the winner!

The pictures show ‘testing’ the game with my 9-month-old¬†who – unsurprisingly – didn’t quite get the game¬†¬†ūüôā

2. Insey Winsey Spider

Age: 3-6

Players: 2-4

Rules: The aim is to move your counter (spider) to the end of the board (spout) Рthe first one to make this brave endeavour is, of course, the winner.
Players choose their spiders and spouts. The first one rolls the dice, gets to the indicated square and spins the spinner. If the arrow points to sun Рthey can stay where they are, if it shows rain, though, they need to go back. The game can be played in two ways Рusing a traditional dice (players move the numbers of squares indicated by the dice) or using a dice with shapes.

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