Here’s how this very famous (and equally hungry) creature can help you teach/practise food-related vocab and the days of the week!

Everybody knows that The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a ‘must-have’ for any ESL teacher. On the internet there’s an abundance of materials to accompany this classic – lesson plans, games, activity ideas, handouts and anything you can think of!  You can choose from the ‘official’ ones as well as the somewhat less-official, created by many caterpillar-inspired individuals. Here are some things that we swear by and find extremely helpful in teaching English:

  • TO BUY – cards!
    Whoever ‘eats’ the food cards first becomes a butterfly (no, really…). Details can be found here
    Boy oh boy, the treasures that Twinkl has….! Download some of their flash cards, story cards or a simple memo game. All the materials are free to download and use and – what’s more – are not too far (visually) from the illustrations from the book. More goodies HERE – get your printers and laminators ready!


  • ACTIVITIES – Pinterest
    Oh, dearest Pinterest! It’s quicker to say what you CAN’T find there rather than list the things you CAN. In order not to get lost browsing through the hundreds of caterpillar-related ideas here are three that definitely would enrich any kindergarten English lesson:

1. Feeding the caterpillar (either a mini- or maxi one) feels like an effective and attractive way to teach/drill some food vocab.

source: Pinterest


source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

2. This is heaven made of felt that every caterpillar child is going to looooovvvveeee. You can use it both with your individual students and larger groups.

source: Pinterest

3. This is definitely not for those who are too serious about themselves. However, if you don’t lack sense of humour and would be willing to do some crazy things to see some smiles on your little ones’ faces – this is the way to go! It’s perfect to introduce the subject as well as round-up a series of caterpillar-y lessons 🙂

source: Pinterest

Have you got any favourite ideas that you use during your VHC lessons? Make sure to let us know in the comments! 🙂











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